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Verizon Offers Gizmo Tab for Kids

Verizon Offers Gizmo Tab for Kids
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Nowadays kids should not be bothered to use their parent’s tablet anymore since they’ve got one from Verizon. Named as Gizmo Tab, this tablet is purposely designed for kids to play or learn, or both. The tablet will give fun education experience to kids these days. Parents are also helped a lot when they need their children at home to develop their soft skills. With the help of Gizmo Tab, parents will easily give their kids fun education at home or while on the go.

So, let’s take a look at the brief overview. Instead of dull structure of app icons, Verizon’s new tablet Gizmo Tab has fun navigating applications. Once open the tablet, kids will see the themed islands in which they can navigate around. There is a Doodle Town which offers kids to get Crayola Color, Draw & Sing app or Safari Island for Nat Geo Puzzle Explorer.

There will be around 300 kid-friendly apps which can be accessed without hassle and fuss. It is the part of the offers lineup. There will also be smartwatches in which parents can monitor their children via sophisticated tools. This Gizmo Tab, without a doubt, is one which supports the safe tech for kids. As we know that this matter has been a booming market. It is because of good reason. Parents can buy their children educating gadgets without having to worry that their children misuse them.

The tablet presents such fun map interface. Kids will not aware this as the part of the system. They will consider this functions as game rather than a system. You can navigate it by using a cool avatar which is almost same in the Sims game. In the map, you will see there are 8 islands which represent the different apps theme.

Unlike in conventional Android OS system, every single thing in the tablet is turned into fun and educating game. Your kids’ avatar will need to visit a school building in the map to attain lessons from apps and books. There are also mini games which are rich in education.

Parents can be the supervisor of this. You can adjust the settings so that your kids need to learn to earn the playtime. It is just like rewarding your kids with something because they become a good boy or girl. You can also track how much time your kids spend on educational apps compared to games. You can limit their time in using the tablet as well. Besides the good design, Gizmo Tab offers the complete package of fun education. It can be good investment for your children’s future.

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