Top Facebook Hidden Features

Top Facebook Hidden Features
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More and more people are becoming reliant to Facebook for many purposes. It is now the main place for those of a certain age. Until nowadays, this large site is still the most popular around the world, and will continue to be for decades.

Facebook is an incredible place for all folks around the world. As the time goes by, it becomes the sanctuary of top engineering talents in the world. Facebook itself has its own complex. Some say it is pure social networking site, but some with business perspective can’t agree with that. For internet geeks, Facebook is a pandora box which comes with vast amount of tweaks, settings, and personalizations.

Moreover, there are many interesting things that you can do to your Facebook account. You probably don’t know some of them yet. I am not talking about third-party apps which require Facebook access or add-ons. I did mean that the official Facebook itself. You will be surprised. Take a look of these hidden gems.

See Who’s Accessing Your Account

You will never know if someone is snooping your account. One or another way, your facebook account may be in danger because someone is logging into your account without permission. So, do you want to know if someone does this? First, you can go to settings page. In the Security Tab, notice “Where You’re Logged In”. This will tell you from where you were using your Facebook account both desktop and mobile. It provides you the data about browser type, device, as well as location. This feature comes in handy if you forgot to logout from public computer or your friend’s laptop.

Tons of Emoji On FB

Emoji, which is also called as emoticons or smiley faces, does not look dull in Facebook. There are around 500 emojis which Facebook supports. And most people only know few of them. These include the cool emo's such as stars, signs, animals, and expressions. Understanding the codes is not hard thing to do, however, ones can barely remember all of them. All you need to do is just copy the codes from the free emoji sites and paste the them into your Facebook wall post or comment box. Your friends then will see such cool emo's in their devices.

You don’t need to install any software. Just copy and paste the codes into Facebook. Facebook will automatically convert your code into colorful icon once you hit the post button. As mentioned, you can use these codes for wall post, statuses, comments, as well as inbox messages.

You Can Send Files through Facebook Messenger

Don’t have time to open email to send files to your mate? By chance, you have logged into your Facebook account. No worries. You can just open the facebook messenger. And hit your Friend’s name. You will see a little gear icon in the top right corner of the chat box. Find “Add Files” option. This will allow you to upload any file directly from your Computer or USB devices. Your friend will see your files and is able to download them right from the Facebook Messenger.

Reveal Your Relationships

You will be able to see the detail of your facebook romance. You will see the history with whomever ever involved with you in a specific relationship. You only need to go to facebook.com/us. If you are not listed as being in a relationship, the result will just show as regular page. That is because Facebook consider you just love yourself.

Save Link, Post, or Video for Later

Did you ever want to view the older posts in your walls, but you don’t want to scroll down so far because that post was heaped up by other posts? Or perhaps you want to read the article shared by your friend, but not now? Then, when you think that you need it, you lost it. The post has been heaped up so deep with the older posts. Well, if you experienced this, you are not alone.

Facebook offers you with “Save” solution. In the top right of any post, click the tiny arrow and hit the Save button from the pulled down list. This will save the link to the Saved Folder. However, you won’t see the links until you save at least 1 link. You can find the saved link in the left-hand favorite bars. Click the “Save” and you will find all of the saved links. That way, you won’t have to dig around. You can find all the favorites without hassle and fuss.

Decide What Your Account Does When You Die

Every single human on earth will die someday, including those who have Facebook account. The truth is sad. However, you will have peace of mind since there will be another person who will handle your Facebook account after you die. Facebook offers the legacy contact which is managed by other facebook account after you pass away.

This legacy contact will have the privileges to write post for your profile, add friends, respond requests, as well as update your profile. The legacy contact, however, can’t access the whole messages of yours unless you give them permission.

To assign this to specific person, you can go to Settings -> Legacy Contact tab and choose one who you trust. Make sure that this man or woman is in your Facebook friends list. This is the one who will handle your account. You also have the choice to cancel your Facebook account after you die.

Hard to Move On? Try this Way

Breaking up may tears you apart. You may find it hard to deal with. Moreover, your ex often posts statuses, photos and it appears constantly on your News Feed. However, Facebook helps you to move on. You can easily deal with your broken heart. When you change your relationship status to “Single”, Facebook will ask you whether if you want to get noticed from other parties feeds or not. You can also unfollow (not unfriend) anyone whom you don’t want to see the posts in your home page.

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