Top 6 WordPress Plugins That You Cannot Afford to Miss

Top 6 WordPress Plugins That You Cannot Afford to Miss
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Any person looking to develop a website will need to know few things about content management techniques. Each and every web site features a basis, a means through which the content on the internet is produced, edited, and prepared. WordPress is an extremely well-liked and functional content managing application, and is very effective for developing not just websites, but also blogs. Actually, most blogs are coded via WordPress, due to the simplicity of use. Here I list the Top 6 WordPress plugins that you must use.

  1. Gravity Forms

If you are looking for most effective forms plugin that WordPress is offering, you require Gravity Forms. The Gravity Form is really a great plugin for handling online forms. One of its extremely helpful features are conditional fields so that you can display or hide the portion or whole parts of a form depending upon a selection made in other field. It is possible to populate form automatically making use of query string or short code. You can also schedule or plan when these forms can be seen or used by providing begin as well as end date. In case you wish to manage the contest where initial 50 people who fill the form earn a reward you can achieve it. Gravity Forms allows you to set up limit on number of items form can get. Pretty much whatever you actually wanted the form to perform, Gravity Forms are capable of doing it.

  1. WP SuperCache

If you own well-known WordPress site you need to install WP SuperCache to enhance the overall performance of website. Should you be not caching website pages, then each time someone visits your website, WordPress must pull out various details from the database to display the page collectively. In case your website has high traffic, this really can be a big issue. WP SuperCache save duplicate copies of all the webpages, so when the page is being fetched from the data source, WordPress can simply keep displaying static web-page. Now this is definitely a bit technical, but the concept is that you could significantly speedup your website as well as reduce the stress on server by installing WP SuperCache. Utilizing this plugin means you need not panic and you can be assured that your visitors will have no complain in loading or navigating you web pages that is what matters to keep getting same visitors back to your website.

  1. Google XML Sitemaps

Perhaps one of the most downloaded WordPress plugin, the Google XML Sitemaps plugin not just automatically produces a map for your website (known as sitemap) linking all your pages and content, in addition, it notifies Search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing whenever you make changes to your website. If you want to include web pages that are part of your website, but not managed by WordPress, then you can even do that.

  1. All in One SEO

The All in One SEO plugin can be used to help you enhance your web site for search engines like Google. It allows you to very easily attach meta info, titles, labels and keywords for your pages and posts. It is best to keep the default settings as it is, in the main user interface, and tailor your website and posts as per your preference.

This is a must have wordpress plugin simply because Even though Website is Great if no one can search for it or notice, it is of no use to you. All-in-one SEO plugin makes it easier to optimize your site for organic searches. Lately, one more SEO plugin has become extremely popular which is -Yoast.

  1. Commentluv

Majority of people are reading your blog, particularly in any of the internet marketing niche categories and they have something that they would like to sell as well. To compensate these folks for leaving comments on your blog or websites, you need to make your blog “Dofollow” weblog and allow their latest blog post to show up on our very weblog. This allows them to promote and market their content whenever they comment on your blog.

  1. Google Analyticator

This plugin really runs in background, but basically by using this plugin you are able to quickly get information on traffic of your blog or website. What is more amazing is you will even come to know from which locations these people are visiting your blog. Regardless of whether from Facebook, or from the search engines or any other social media sites.

Other helpful details are things such as knowing bounce rate, and also the most frequently visited web pages on your blog. Don't get lost inside the numbers, but do understand what these are indicating or means to your blog so you can adjust and enhance every little thing.

Plugins can turn your blog into a powerful weapon, competent at delivering traffic and revenue to your web site. Consider utilizing the top WordPress plugins on your own WordPress blogs. You won't be let down. Happy Blogging.