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Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2016-17

Top 10 iPhone Apps of 2016-17
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If Apple's iOS platform has a cornerstone, there's no denying that it is its apps. It is the high-quality iPhone apps that Apple offers that set its functionality apart from all that its rivals have to offer – best in class, iPhone apps happen to be a world apart. However, like any app store out there, it can get rather difficult at times for users to find out about the best apps available – the ones that are truly remarkable and offer features, tools, or even services that go above and beyond those offered by other apps.

However, it really isn't easy for one to find the best available apps on the App Store and people end up making do with mediocre ones. In many cases, some of the best iPhone apps of 2016 are free, but at times, you may find yourself having to pay a little for them. Irrespective of whether they are free or charged, here's a list of the top 10 iPhone apps of 2016-17:


Available for free, ImgPlay is more of a playground for GIFs. The main aim of the app is to give life to every single image you capture using your iPhone. With it, you can even fine tune the motions and gestures made by just about anything that moves.

In order to use the app, all you need to do is load everything from your camera roll onto the app. Once your videos and photos are up, you can turn them into GIFs, live photos, and even burst mode images. A few other options that you can play around with in this app include stitching together still images, taking a video or making one from a sequence of images acquired from your iPhone, or even creating GIFs and exporting them.

Google Trips

The fact of the matter is that Google has taken over every single aspect of our lives. With that, the Google Trips app is just what you need if you want to explore the world out there. Just enter the destination you are interested in traveling to, and the app will provide you with a selection of things to do, give you recommendations on food and drinks, and even help you access itineraries for day trips. The best part is that the app offers offline access for all downloaded locations. If anything, the app works particularly well with Maps and is going to help you out when you head out on vacations.


Apple's camera app comes with a burst mode that is particularly meant to help you capture the perfect images in even the trickiest of situations. For instance, if you want to snap someone who constantly blinks, just hold the shutter and take lots of pictures in a rapid manner. Once done, just choose the best ones that you want to keep. What sets Burstio apart, however, is the fact that it is meant to help turn all such images into – wait for it – ANIMATIONS!

Upon launching the app, all of your burst photos are going to appear as film strips with each one detailing the number of images found within them. Select a burst and feel free to play around with it!

Ferrite Recording Studio

The features offered by Ferrite Recording Studio are nothing short of being impressive. With Ferrite, you can take voice notes, bookmark your recordings, and even edit them and combine various recordings to create a multi-track editor view. The interface is extremely intuitive and is particularly helpful for amateur podcasters.


It isn't always possible for fans to cheer on their favorite football team from the stands. If you find yourself being busy but want to enjoy football to the max, then Onefootball is the app for you. With this particular app, it will be possible for you to keep an eye out on your favorite teams and allow the app to send you notifications. On days when there's a match, the app will send out notifications on every goal too. From customized news feeds to live tickers, the app offers it all.


The sort of raw ability that Prisma offers in terms of turning photos into art is something that a majority of apps out there lack. The best part about it is that the app is very easy to use and can go a long way in helping you edit your images, crop them, and even apply art styles to literally transform them into a work of art.

iTunes Movie Trailers

Perfect for those who love hunting down trailers, iTunes Movie Trailers comes with an interface that is split into elements like favorites, charts, and featured films. However, what you need to bear in mind is that selecting a film isn't going to give you the trailer right away. Instead, it will give you a synopsis, information, and a list of features that you can choose to play from.

Living Earth

Living Earth is more of a clock/weather app when it comes to its functionality. What you basically do is define a few cities that you want to track and then keep switching between them to check weather conditions, time, and even things like when the sun is going to set. The most interesting element of the app is the globe at the center of the screen that allows you to access a live view of the planet's weather.


Figure actually means business when it says it can help you make music in just seconds. Coming from Propellerhead Software, the makers of Rebirth and Reason, the app allows users to work on loops and beats. If anything, the app offers everything that complex PC apps do, but what sets it apart from the rest is its intuitive interface and accessibility. With the app, you can tweak and swap out sounds, and serious musicians can even make the most of Audiobus Support.


Tinycards is meant to help people memorize things by means of friendly flashcard sets. The sets are focused on subjects like geography, history, and language. It takes minutes-long drills for users to memorize the sets. For memorization purposes, cards and details are presented to the users. After that, they are challenged by the app and users need to type in their answers or even give answers to multiple choice questions.