A Simple Way to Get More Instagram Followers Instantly

A Simple Way to Get More Instagram Followers Instantly
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What started as a humble photo and video sharing network has today trans-formed into the second most popular social media network on the planet. If you are not on the ‘Gram’, you have no idea what you are missing out on.

You heard that right. We are talking about Instagram.

The Instagram fever has just amplified in recent times. And this has also made it one of the best social media platforms from a business perspective. From teenage bloggers to self-proclaimed fashion models to fitness gurus, everyone’s peddling their wares on Instagram. Guess what? There’s an enormously large customer base waiting to be tapped into.

Unlike Facebook or other forms of marketing, Instagram is still considered to be a virgin market with ample opportunity. However, your stint on Instagram is governed by one simple factor, followers.

The number of followers you have is the only thing that decides how successful you’ll be on Instagram. But that’s precisely where the trouble lies. Gaining followers is not easy at all.

Then how do Celebrities have a million followers and more? Well, that’s because they are celebrities and I firmly believe that you are not one since you are reading this.

Let’s say Brad Pitt starts an Instagram account and makes an announcement about it on his Twitter handle. Bingo! He will have a million followers in no time.

You on the other hand, err…slightly more difficult.

How can I gain followers on Instagram?

Well, it’s pretty simple in theory. If someone visits your Instagram profile and likes what they see, they choose to follow you. But if you are a complete newbie in the Instagram Universe, how do people know that you even exist?

I mean, there are thousands if not millions of new Instagram accounts being registered every second. How does someone narrow down on your profile and start to follow you? Let’s face it. It’s tough as hell.

There are of course methods that are making the rounds on social media, like following others and ‘hoping’ that they’d be courteous enough to follow you back. Or commenting random stuff on popular Instagram pages ‘hoping’ that people notice you and start to follow you back.

Then there are downright desperate measures like tagging tons of celebrities in every post that you upload on Instagram. And last but not the least, people are buying shout outs, hoping to gain some followers on Instagram. Spending your hard earned money to gain followers?

Trust me, not even worth it.

None of these methods are going to get you the kind of followers that you are looking for. After about ten to twenty days of painstaking commenting, following and liking, you ‘may’ gain a few paltry followers. But even those will eventually start to unfollow you.

Did that sound demotivating? Don’t be. There is a way to get completely free Instagram followers.

Get 100% free Instagram followers

Google for free Instagram followers and you will be surprised at the number of results that pop up. There is an insane demand for free Instagram followers and people like you and me are not the only ones aware of it. There are scam artists and identity thieves also, who can lure innocent people on the pretext of sending free followers to their account and ask for their login details.

Big red flag! If anybody asks you for your login details (password) to send you free Instagram followers, skedaddle at the speed of light.

We have a completely safe and legitimate method that I am going to share with you which,

  • Does not require you to pay any money
  • Does not require you to tag 20 of your friends
  • Does not ask for your Instagram password
  • Is completely discreet. Only you will know how you gained an amazing number of followers
  • Is completely safe. Your Instagram account will never be banned
  • Is being used by some of the biggest names on Instagram. I wouldn’t like to take names. But there are some very popular people who have gained thousands of followers using this method.

The easiest way to get free followers

Are you ready to explode your follower list? Please remember that this method work, chances will be higher if you do it on your smartphone. If you are accessing this on a laptop, the chances could be low or you will not gain a single follower.

Start Instagram: Start Instagram on your smartphone and check the number of followers you have now.

Visit a link: Now minimize Instagram and visit this link (http://instagram.myhacks.net/) from your smartphone. Let the website load fully and you will see a page that mentions ‘Free IG followers’. If you see this, then you are on the right website.

Enter your Instagram Username: This step is the most crucial step in the process. You must ensure that you enter the correct Instagram username and click on ‘Get Free Followers’. If you enter an incorrect name here, the followers will end up following some other person and the entire process will be futile. So, please enter your correct Instagram username. We do not need your password. So, you can be rest assured that your account is fully secured.

Verify that you are human: Once you click on ‘Get Free Followers’, you will notice that the system is finding the appropriate followers for you. After a while, it will finish generating followers and will ask you to verify that you are human and not an automated bot. Damn those bots who are invading every social media platform. Got to keep them away.

Install a free app: The website will prompt you to install a completely free mobile application on your cell phone. This will be a legitimate app from the Android/ iOS Store and will be installed in seconds. Now, just open the app and keep it open for up to 30 seconds. That’s it. You are done.

Go back to Instagram and check: Now go back to your Instagram account and you will see that your followers have increased already. Keep refreshing this page for the next 5 to 7 minutes until the new followers stop coming.

That’s it! A completely safe and easy way to gain up to 1999 followers in less than few minutes on your Instagram account. We hope you enjoyed the method.

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