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Nokia Resurrection in 2017

Nokia Resurrection in 2017
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Do you remember the early trend of Nokia when we were using Nokia 3210. Looking back at that time is such a nostalgic moment. We can remember when the phones were really simple as the users can text and phone. After falling, the respective brand will return to the competitive market next year.

This time, folks feel the hype about the newest Android smartphone possessing Nokia brand which will be launched in 2017. Arto Nummela as HMD Global head said that consumers might be carrying different smartphones, but were they really in love and loyal to those brands? Speaking of which, ones who love Nokia brand have the tendency to wait respective brand comes with the new unit.

HMD Global undoubtedly challenge the big brands like Samsung and Apple, as well as Huawei by playing this nostalgic aspect. It is hard to deny that many people are still in love with Nokia. That’s why this brand will always have prospective segment in such highly competitive smartphone market.

Who knows that the new smartphone which is released in early part of 2017 will be the dark horse. Nummela himself said that the company wanted to be one of the key competitive players in the smartphone industry.

After selling out Nokia to Microsoft in 2014, Nokia came with range of Lumia smartphones from Microsoft. Not good feedbacks were received back then. Samsung and Apple were standing still and ate Nokia alive. But the turning table may happens since HMD took over the Nokia feature phone business from Microsoft. Nokia is bound to give the right use of the brand on smartphones and tablets for next years. Although Nokia has no direct investment in HMD, it will get paid with royalties for the patents and brand. Once again, Nokia will flap their wings.

Nummela wants to launch the first Nokia smartphone in the early of the next year using Google Android operating system. With such competitive market, he emphasized that the success will require a speedup of scale by competing with biggest brands like Apple and Samsung and dozens of big players.

Regardless the skepticism from some folks, this won’t bother Nokia lovers. In the past time, it might not work with Microsoft. Who knows the result will be totally different by the next year?

From trusted source, they already have some offices located in 40 places around the world. That is the solid proof that HMD will play big there.

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