New Instagram Updates – Insta Solutions by Instagram

New Instagram Updates – Insta Solutions by Instagram
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Leaving comments on Social websites, forums and blogs is among the top techniques to drive targeted visitors to your web page or blog. Comments that you simply put for articles on weblogs in your business area needs to be written to make sure that they are not only interesting but also will driver them to your websites. This technique has been wrongly utilized by the spammers to promote their website and business and make more sales.

I am just amazed at how many blog writers will make spammy comments which have nothing concerning the post for which they are commenting. These are generally thoughtless. Making useful comments take time and requires a thought to be made by the commenters.

Now a days commenting has become spamming activity, Commenting is seen as business opportunity rather to exchange views and information and helping others. To help control this and combat the issue Instagram has made some valuable updates which will drastically prohibit the spammy comment posters at least on Instagram.

Comments is the main activity that happens on social media sites like Instagram. Even though most of the time comments made are positive. But is not always, and no one will welcome negative comments on their posts. To prevent this Instagram has already made updates earlier to filter out these comments as per the keywords.

Disabling Comments

Instagram is going to come up with an interesting update which will enable users to completely disable comments on their posts. Which will help bloggers to a great extent because when we post any informational article which is only for the knowledge purpose we do not want any unwanted noise by way of spammers posting comments just to leave their links. What you need to do is just go to advance settings and disable the comments completely.

Comment Likes

When you thought disabling comments is really a cool feature wait there is still more interesting in store for you. Instagram has now announced that in just few weeks they will be introducing an amazing feature by which users to your posts can now like or dislike the comments. Now I must say this is really a great feature, I can rather say this is master stroke of Instagram to help get rid of spammers.

Now you can remove followers

Like any other social network site you we were able to add or approve followers to your account. But there was no way that you could unfollow these. But now you can remove your followers. But only if your account is private. That is really great; this is what happens in our daily life also. We add friends (Followers) in our life and over the period of time we lose old friends due to many reasons and get new friends..

Instagram cares for you

One more great innovative feature of Instagram is on its way. With the help of this feature users will now be able report about posts (most importantly anonymously) of any unknown person or may be your own friend or the loved ones who are sharing their personal moments and really need some help to come out of the situation, then in that case you can report this to Instagram and Instagram will do the needful by connecting these people to the social organizations who deal with such situation. I will say this the feature of the millennium, Insta solution to life problems by Instagram.