How to Get Free Snapchat Followers and Views

How to Get Free Snapchat Followers and Views
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With the selfie-mania gripping everyone from young kids to baby boomers and the advent of high quality front-facing cameras on Smartphones, it was only a matter of time before someone clubbed the two and capitalized on it.

Then Snapchat came along and changed the way people message each other. Bored with a mundane text message? Send a picture without worrying that it would end up being broadcast on the internet for the world to see.

That crazy bachelor’s party, skinny dipping in a remote rainforest or just your uncouth early morning bedtime picture, anything can be shared on Snapchat for it to self-destruct.

The premise is so simple but so effective that it was almost destined to explode in popularity, the way it just did. Today, everyone is snap chatting.

There is a misconception that the app is only meant for teens who sext each other. You couldn’t be more mistaken.

Snapchat has one of the best social engagement loops in the business. A push notification to open the app and see the picture and then respond to it, brings instant responsiveness. Something that is lacking even in Instagram.

But, as always, it all boils down to how popular you are on Snapchat. And that’s where the trouble begins.

Unlike other social networks, Snapchat does not have an in-built search function that lets you find other users with their usernames or other demographics. You need to know their usernames and it goes without saying that due to the extreme popularity of the app and the possibility of receiving err…dubious images, no one is willing to post their usernames to the general public.

So, irrespective of whether you intend to tap into Snapchat for business reasons or for personal use, you need to have a start with followers. The question is how to get them.

The Snake Oil Businesses

If you log on to Google and look for ‘free Snapchat followers’ you will find thousands of websites peddling their supposed methods to get free Snapchat followers. The caveat is that you have to share your Snapchat login details with them.

Notice how I mentioned ‘details’ in plural? That’s because these websites ask for your Snapchat password too.

And in their naiveté, a lot of people actually fall prey to these scam artists resulting in their Snapchat account being hacked and used to send nude or spammy images to thousands of users. Goes without saying that the account is permanently slapped a ban.

But that’s not the only way in which a Snapchat account can be abused. There are many other ways too which are equally dangerous and is riddled with risks.

If some service promises to get you even a million Snapchat followers and asks you for your password, think snake oil.

Robo Followers

And then there are the robo-followers that are also sold online under the guise of regular ones. These are nothing but fake accounts created using software that ‘appear’ like normal accounts. These are typically sold very cheap on sites like Fiverr. Get 1000 Snapchat followers for $5.

Most people are fooled into believing that they are going to receive 1000 legitimate followers for a paltry five dollars. Instead, they get 1000 fake followers with zero interactivity.

No images will ever be received by you. None of the images you send to these accounts will ever be seen by a real person. Some bots are so advanced that they can simulate the behavior of real users and even send you automated responses.

Except for an ego boost, its money washed down the drain.

Why would you want to do that when you can get Snapchat followers for free?

We are talking about 100% legitimate human followers who can see your pictures, snap you back their responses and interact with you. The best part is that you don’t have to slog your ass for hours trying to promote your account either. The followers will come to you like you are a celebrity on Vine.

Here’s a step by step guide to get free Snapchat followers.

The Method

  • Open Chrome or any web browser on your Smartphone.
  • Type the web address –
  • You will see a website that says ‘Free Snapchat Tool’
  • Ensure that you see this webpage, else this method will not work
  • Also, you’ll have to do this on your smartphone. If you use a simulator on a PC or mac, it won’t work.
  • Scroll down on the web page and you will see separate sections that ask you how many Snapchat followers you want to generate. You have the option to select from 250, 500 and 1000 followers. Use the 1000 follower option or any of the lesser ones if that’s what you prefer. It’s free anyway.
  • Once you select the number, you will be asked to enter your Snapchat User name. This is very important to ensure that the followers are added to your username. If you enter someone else’s username, the followers will be added to it and not yours. So, consider this to be the most important step in this method.
  • Now wait until the website connects to the Snapchat server and verifies the user id.
  • It will redirect you to the Google/ Apple store now to download a free mobile app. Download and install the app on your Smartphone. This app is completely free and safe. You do not need to pay anything or even enter your credit card details anywhere. Just another free app that you need to download.
  • Open the app and keep it open for the next 30 seconds. You can just browse or toggle through the app settings. Just ensure that the app remains open for 30 seconds.
  • That’s it. Now you can minimize the app, open Snapchat on your phone and refresh the ‘Added Me’ screen on Snapchat. You will find that a few people have already added you. This number will keep increasing through the next few minutes until it reaches approximately 1000 followers.

Don’t get paranoid if you don’t get all 1000. Sometimes you may end up getting 998 or even 1020. It’s just an an average number. Every single follower that will be added to your account will be 100% legitimate though.

The best part is that you can do this as many times as you’d want to. Keep adding more and more followers and enjoy Snap chatting like never before.

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