How to Get 100% Free Twitter Followers Quickly

How to Get 100% Free Twitter Followers Quickly
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Guy Kawasaki totally nailed it when he said ‘There are only two kinds of users on Twitter, ‘The ones that want more followers and the ones that lie’

If you are wondering who Guy Kawasaki is, well, he’s a smart guy from Silicon Valley who says smart things and knows the importance of gaining real followers on Twitter.

Here’s the simpler meaning of what he just said.

The problem is that if you are newbie to tweet land, things are not half as easy as they are made out to be. You will have no followers. You can start tweeting about the most happening events and post direct messages to celebrities. But hey, chances are that it will end up in a remote corner in the enormous world of Twitter.

‘How do I get free twitter followers?’ you might wonder. It isn’t easy by a long shot.

For example, a simple search on google about ‘How to get free twitter followers’ gives you the same old yappety yap.

Become follow worthy, post interesting content that can be retweeted or shared. Follow others hoping that they follow you back. But what if they don’t? You just follow thousands of people and have no followers of your own?

It’s a given that after following a few hundred people, a handful will follow you back. But if you are serious about creating a presence on Twitter, then you have to think about numbers. Ten, Fifty or Hundred followers isn’t going to cut it for you. You need to think about a thousand at least.

The other option is to use paid ads. Are you seriously willing to pay Twitter money to gain followers?

Then you need to stop reading this now because we are only offering a free method to gain twitter followers. Nothing paid.

Can I really get free twitter followers?

Yes, you can. For a long time, I struggled to gain a presence on Twitter. I wanted to use it to market my business and I could see my competitors get lead after lead and new customers from Twitter. Here I was, struggling to take my follower count to even 50.

So, I decided to explore all the options that I had. I started to search for services which ‘claimed’ that they could get me free twitter followers.

They had a very attractive website with a great design. Very ‘legitimate’ looking. And then in a sneaky corner of the page, it was written in a small font that would be almost impossible to spot, that “$12 a month”.

Next up, I reached an even better website that promised that the twitter followers I gained would be free. All I had to do was share my Twitter handle and ta da, my password. The number of horror stories that one hears about Twitter passwords being stolen and used, I quickly made an escape from there.

It was after searching for hours that I finally was able to find a 100% legitimate method to gain twitter followers. And it is that method that I am going to share with you.

How does this work?

It is pretty simple really. But before I tell you how this works, it is important to clear a few things so that we are on the same page.

  • This method will only help you to gain completely genuine Twitter followers. These are real users who tweet, interact and share interesting stuff. For this reason, this method can only add up to 4999 followers at a time. You are free to rinse and repeat it. But at a time, you will get only up to 4999 authentic followers.
  • If you are looking to add ten thousand fake bot accounts to your follower list, this method is not for you.
  • This does not require your Twitter password. All that is needed is your Twitter username.
  • This does not require you to pay anything. It is 100% free twitter followers.
  • This is completely safe and your Twitter account will not be banned or flagged in any way.

Here’s the method

Grab your smartphone because this method will only work when you access it from the Twitter app on your smartphone.

Start Twitter: Start Twitter and check the number of followers you have. I am sure they are still the same. No problem. They are going to increase in a few minutes.

Visit a website: Minimize the twitter app and open a web browser. Now visit this link (http://twitter.myhacks.net/). Please wait till the website loads fully. You will see a webpage that looks very much like Twitter. It will have the Twitter logo and it is called ‘Twitter Tool’. So far so good. You are on the right track. Now scroll way down to the bottom of the web page and you will see four different options. Generate followers, tweets, retweets and favorites. Since its followers you are looking for, select that option and proceed to the next step.

Enter your username and confirm: The next step is pretty self-explanatory, enter your Twitter username and click on generate followers. The system will now find the best authentic followers for your Twitter account. There will be a few steps as it tries to connect to the Twitter server and validates the session. Just hang on and wait until it goes to the next page by itself.

Verify that you are human: In the next step, the system will kick in the ‘Anti-bot protection module’ which prevents automated sign ups. All that you need to do is verify that you are human. Just a simple click is all. No irritating captcha to enter.

Install a free app and wait: Now, the system will ask you to install a free mobile app. The app will be any popular game or other application from the Google play store or the iOS store. This will install in seconds. Now, open the app and wait for the next 30 seconds. You don’t need to do anything. Just open it and keep it active for 30 seconds.

Go back and check your follower count: That’s it. Now go back to the Twitter app and refresh your account page. You are done. You should now gain followers for the next fifteen to twenty minutes and it will soon cross more than 4999.

I hope you enjoyed reading this method and you are able to achieve your marketing goals with it. Cheers.

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