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The 10 Best iPhone Games of 2016-17

The 10 Best iPhone Games of 2016-17
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If there's any phone out there that is a good pick for avid gamers, then it is bound to be the iPhone. With developments in the overall look and feel of the iPhone, it is no wonder that it is such a gaming hub. Also, a major reason why the iPhone is such a great platform in this regard is the success of the App Store. For those who don't know, the App Store has over a million apps available on it, and more than half of these are actually games. However, with so many available options, finding the one that is right for you or even worth your while isn't going to be a walk in the park.

When it comes to the sea of iPhone games of 2016-17, there are a handful that are actually worth your time. Here's a look into the 10 best iPhone games of 2016-17 to help make this choice easier for you:


It is basically an arcade shooter that has specifically been designed and developed for smartphones. The game lets you play in the form of a small triangular spaceship that is found within a circular arena. Once the game starts, you will have countless asteroids thrown at your ship and it is necessary for you to do all that it takes to stop them from destroying it. If anything, movements are really simple and equally quick in the game, which means it will be possible for you to quickly get your hands on additional power-ups to enhance your firepower or get a temporary shield on.

FIFA Mobile

Available on iOS and Android for free, FIFA Mobile guarantees to deliver an outstanding experience that will be focused on social interaction and bite-sized matches that are totally going to take control of all portable titles. If you want to get involved up close and personal in short, chaotic matches that are going to leave a lasting impact on you, then this is the game that you need to play. With a lot of progress, the game lets you upgrade your team and even enhance your gaming skills with the latest upgrades and new cards.

Rolling Sky

When the Nintendo Entertainment System launched Marble Madness back in 1984, there was no denying the fact that the genre was going to have countless imitators – and this is something that has definitely been proven to us today. Rolling Sky is an excellent example of this claim, but unlike other imitators, the fact is that this game has definitely brought on an addictive experience to mobile in outstanding class and appeal. The game features nine gaming stages and has particularly come around to be known for its brilliant touch controls.

Pokémon GO

Available on iOS and Android for free, this particular game had recently become a global phenomenon. If you look outside your window right now, there's a good chance you'll witness someone wandering around with a lost look on their face, clutching their phone tight in their hands. They are actually not lost and are there to look for a Slowpoke, Caterpie or any of the wonderful creatures featured in Pokémon Go. With the help of your phone's GPS, this game makes players wander around and catch them all in real-world landscapes – so much fun!


Prune is THE game for those who wish to play a mobile game that guarantees to deliver an exquisite mobile experience packed with perfect puzzle play. There aren't many games that deliver a delicate design and simple delivery in such an amazing fashion, but this is something that Prune definitely delivers in the most exquisite manner possible. When playing this game, you slice through a plant's shoots as it makes its way towards the light. What you need to do is guide it towards the right path. Sounds too simple? Let those levels progress and you'll see how difficult the game gets.

Tales from Deep Space

This game is a definite masterpiece from Amazon Game Studios, a developer that has long been extremely ambitious about its mobile games. The game starts with you being a traveling salesperson who gets completely immersed in a shady revolution taking place on the Big Moon Space Station. Your luggage gets replaced with a talking suitcase and you now need to get to the bottom of the revolt of the Meek with this suitcase.

Agent A: A Puzzle in Disguise

Although the title suggests that this is somewhat a stealth game or puzzle, the fact of the matter is that this is an outstanding first-person point-and-click adventure game that is sure to have you glued for a long time. The game exquisitely fuses various puzzles with different styles, which is what adds to the overall adventure feel of the game.

Alto’s Adventure

Alto's Adventure is one of the most solid and stable games ever developed for the iPhone. The game features you as a snowboarder going down the mountain in order to rescue your llama that has run away. However, things aren't as simple as there are countless hurdles that need to be passed. From having to leap rocks to avoiding a grumpy elder who wants to beat you with a stick, there are challenges that you have to complete to unlock new snowboarders along the game.

Cut the Rope: Magic

Developed by Zepto Lab, Cut the Rope has literally staggered since the past decade or so. However, Cut the Rope: Magic comes with a refreshed and updated look that is sure to get you addicted to it. The game does wonders in terms of adding magical elements to it, which make it very exciting.

The Executive

The Executive is a game that features action in a simple beat 'em up style. Fairly complex yet fun to play, there are special moves in the game that will let you have fun like never before!